Sketches for the fun

Author Andrey Gachev last updated 23.06.2012

In my opinion, everything we do must be amusing for us and the people around us. Not only funny but satisfying. I have always been interested in my work. I want to help all those who search for a good-paid job, one that will be rewarding and bring them happiness. As Americans say it, “Have fun!”.

Site contents is totally subjective and shows nothing much than my personal opinion and experience. It is open for you to object. I work as a programmer and that will sure influence the text. It may be also helpful for other professionals. Something more, I have been working for 10 years mostly with PHP, which influences my point of view. My statement may be useful for the colleagues who work with Java, C++ or as system administrators.

I worked for foreign companies who tried to come on the market with innovations. Most of them didn’t succeed because all that glitters is not gold. The colleagues who work with outsourcing companies may find strategies that differ from the ones they use. This is true for all those who don’t follow Sancho – “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, they will never prosper. Although Sancho was also tempted by an island’s governor position…

I also worked with foreign companies who search for high qualified professionals with a low - salary demands. Foreign investors who want to avoid frequent mistakes will find this statement useful.